Starting Seminary

As of today, I am one week into my first semester of seminary. I am pursuing my MA in Theology at Fresno Pacific University. I also work in the marketing department at the university. The above picture is the little makeshift desk that I’ve been using for work (since I am still working from home) and is now being used for my school work in the evenings. It’s set up right next to our bed in our room. I set it up every morning and take it down every night before bed.

Pursuing my MA 5 years after completing my BA is a bit difficult. I’ve been out of school for 5 years so jumping back in, takes some adjusting. I’m only taking classes part-time so the workload hasn’t been too heavy (yet). I also have 2 kids now so I’m making sure to spend time with them and then study after they go to bed.

Making the decision to pursue my MA wasn’t an easy one, especially since I decided to study theology. Since I was 19 years old, I wanted to serve the local church in some kind of pastoral role. I assumed it would be a lay (non-paid) position. Before moving to Visalia, I had spent 6 years in vocational ministry and it wasn’t the greatest experience. I thought I was on a track for ordination and it did not come to fruition.

Now, when making the decision to study theology, I had thoughts of “What if I’m not called to pastoral ministry?”, “What if I’m not gifted in teaching and leading like I thought I was?”, “What if I had my time, and now God is done with me?”

I know this is the enemy getting in my head. I don’t truly know the answers to these questions, only God does. What I do know though is that I enjoy studying theology so why not? Having an MA in Theology can only be beneficial to me, my family, those around me, and the church we serve in. Maybe I will never be in vocational ministry again and that is okay. Maybe I’ll just serve the church in a lay role like I always thought I would.

One more thing, because I am an employee at the university, I get to be a part of their employee tuition reimbursement program. I get to pursue an MA at almost no cost. I already don’t have any student debt from my BA (you can read about that here), and God-willing, I won’t have any after pursuing my MA. I just want to do my best to be faithful to where God is providing.

One thought on “Starting Seminary”

  1. This is just awesome! I totally love your attitude about this. I think the reason why we get hurt so often in our pursuits is that we have an idea for Our lives that is rigid. We’re not leaving any room for God to make changes in that. I like that you’re happy either way, that you trust that God will open the right doors for you and close those that are wrong for you. Of course I am praying for you all the way. I love that you love God! I’m so proud of you grandson!

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